Due to the overwhelming popularity of the SnapPost app we have temporarily suspended current listing submissions to focus on improving the service as part of SnapPost v2.

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Just snap a picture of the item you want to post and you are done.


From the photo we identify, research, value and write an optimized title and description, as well as, offer shipping solutions for each item.



It’s like having an eBay virtual assistant.

SnapPost is a new mobile application that simplifies the posting process on ebay.

How It Works

Got Stuff? Convert your Trash to Cash!

Sell your stuff on eBay just by taking pictures

We research, suggest a price, and create a Post for your approval

Identity, Description and Keywords
Based on your photos, we identify the item and we write a professional description for your item. We also pick the best keywords for the item to help it sell faster.
Photos and Pricing
We enhance your photos of the item to fit the eBay technical specifications. We look up sales of similar items so that we can recommend a listing price. We calculate the shipping cost and include it in your listing.
The Post
We combine all that material into a listing for eBay, which we call a Post and send the sample listing (Post) to you for content and pricing approval. Once you approve the Post, we add it to your eBay account.

We use only Buy It Now listings on eBay so you know what you’ll make when your item sells. We will track your item for you and will even provide expert advice to help you complete the shipping once it sells.

That’s why we say “Snap – Post – Sell!” … SnapPost; the easiest way to sell on eBay

Our experts and systems draw from literally millions of successful previous sales to make sure your items sell fast at a fair price.

In addition to the extra money, think of all the space you’ll save converting all those items in your garage or closet into cash, and all the time you’ll save when SnapPost does all clerical work of getting your item priced, described, listed, sold and shipped.

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