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We are suspending V1 as we prepare for V2

Dear Valued SnapPost Users, We have suspended accepting new listings using the first version of SnapPost. Our V1 service proved so popular and successful that it grew beyond our wildest expectations. We want to be able to build our internal tools and technology to keep pace with the rate of growth of our service. As a result of this growth, we have decided to stop accepting live listings for now and focus on completing the development for SnapPost V2. We will make an announcement when our V2 will launch. Again, thank you for your enthusiasm and feedback for SnapPost. We have appreciated all your suggestions and hope to implement many of them into our next version. Please signup on the front page to be notified when we re-launch. Best regards, The SnapPost... read more

Spring Forward Into Action

Getting Ready for Summer with SnapPost   If your family is like my family, you may have tons of boxes of stuff in your garage, basement and closets. There’s no better time than now to start clearing out your old unneeded stuff and selling it on eBay! SnapPost is the easy way for anyone with an iPhone to sell on eBay. We started unpacking some of those dreaded boxes and discovered lots of treasures we put away years ago. Do we really need all this stuff? Why store it when we can move it on to a new home where it will be enjoyed? Rather than save it for a rainy day, it’s time to clear it out with SnapPost. Do my kids really still need all this stuff? The timing is great! It’s time to turn those boxes of stuff into money. Sure hope my kids agree! (-:   SnapPost to eBay…here we go … Snap Post Sell.... read more

SnapPost 1.0.1 is Now Available

SnapPost 1.0.1 is now available in the App Store. It has the following changes: Item Submission Confirmation is full screen with link to seller posting policy Item Approval UI tweaks: change price is clearer (and bug fix) Item Archiving (based on server side archiving of items) We’d like to expand on the Item Archiving feature. Some users have experienced slow down in the SnapPost app as a result of having many items submitted to SnapPost (in total, for their use of the app). We can archive items that have been posted to eBay. When we do so, the new version of SnapPost will recognize the item has been archived and it will remove it from the local database on your iPhone. This does not affect the item on eBay in any way. You can always reach us at... read more

How to Sell Sports Trading Cards on eBay

For collectors eBay can be a great resource to both buy and sell sought after items – and the world of sports Trading Cards is thriving on eBay.  But selling things on eBay can be daunting – there are forms to fill out, packing and shipping costs to consider and you want to be sure you get the best price for your stuff… So whether the trading cards you plan to sell are ones you’ve been saving since you were a kid, or  inherited from that sports-crazed uncle, or even if you just found a box full at a yard sale (good for you!)  You’ll want to do some preparation and research before you begin. There are plenty of sites out there with advice on ebay selling tips – but is actually a site dedicated to trading cards – and they have a Comprehensive Guide to get you started.  This is very comprehensive – from first opening your eBay account all the way through the importance of photographs, pricing, how to write a listing and what shipping supplies you’ll need after you sell it. One of the most valuable pieces of insight in this detailed article is the section on pricing.  Trading Cards value increase and decrease over time, with the market, with players activity both on and off field and any number of factors.  And what you think a card is worth may not match up with what the market will bear. Here they show you how to research what cards are actually selling for on eBay over the past 90 days.  This can be a great... read more

Trash To Cash – Grandma’s Vintage Christmas Ornaments

The time comes for all of us – when we have to go through a lifetime of stuff in an elder relative’s garage/attic/basement.   You could drive it all to Goodwill, or have a yard sale and haggle with people over a dime.   But what if some of that dusty old junk is actually worth something?   In this Trash To Cash post we take a look at Vintage Christmas Ornaments. Rising to popularity in America in the 1940’s Shiny-Brite glass Christmas ornaments were the staple of Christmas Trees around the country until the late 1960’s.  Being glass, and perhaps seen as dated by younger generations many of the original Shiny-Brites did not survive – having been discarded or just broken over time. The classic look of these ornaments has inspired a new generation to decorate vintage and they are now actively sold on eBay.  Individual ornaments can sell for between $5 and $15 and a whole box full  could get you between $30 and $75. Obviously sale prices can vary based on condition, detail, and the rarity of the particular design – but there’s good value in these for sure!  Far better than the 50 cents you’d get at a yard sale.   If you find a box packed away in grandma’s basement with her other Christmas decorations – your family’s story may be part of the value – when listing your Shiny-Brites be sure to convey what part of the country etc these ornaments have been in – and the years of history they’ve seen.  Give your buyer the nostalgia factor – it can only add to to the... read more