How to Sell Sports Trading Cards on eBay

Football trading cards

For collectors eBay can be a great resource to both buy and sell sought after items – and the world of sports Trading Cards is thriving on eBay.  But selling things on eBay can be daunting – there are forms to fill out, packing and shipping costs to consider and you want to be sure you get the best price for your stuff…

So whether the trading cards you plan to sell are ones you’ve been saving since you were a kid, or  inherited from that sports-crazed uncle, or even if you just found a box full at a yard sale (good for you!)  You’ll want to do some preparation and research before you begin.

Sports Trading Cards

There are plenty of sites out there with advice on ebay selling tips – but is actually a site dedicated to trading cards – and they have a Comprehensive Guide to get you started.  This is very comprehensive – from first opening your eBay account all the way through the importance of photographs, pricing, how to write a listing and what shipping supplies you’ll need after you sell it.

One of the most valuable pieces of insight in this detailed article is the section on pricing.  Trading Cards value increase and decrease over time, with the market, with players activity both on and off field and any number of factors.  And what you think a card is worth may not match up with what the market will bear. Here they show you how to research what cards are actually selling for on eBay over the past 90 days.  This can be a great way to make sure you don’t sell your little cardboard gem for too much OR TOO LITTLE!

So get your cards together, get organized and step by step turn those bubblegum cards into cash!


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