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Tips and Tricks to make selling on eBay easy, fun and profitable.

eBay Shipping Made Easy With Priority Mail – or – “I Still Feel Funny Cutting The Line”

You’ve made your sale, now it’s time to get it packed and shipped. It used to be a lot of work, but shipping has gotten so much easier. I used to have to spend hours at the post office in the early days of eBay. Now  I can print my own labels at home, place my products in a free box and schedule a pickup.  Easy-Peasy! SnapPost recommends Priority Mail for most shipments – because we’re all about making selling your stuff easy. FAST & RELIABLE Priority Mail is a fantastic deal on very fast delivery. You can ship coast to coast in 2 to 3 days. And with eBay Priority Mail shipping you can even get a discount on shipping when you print your own postage. (Top Rated Sellers and Power Sellers enjoy even larger shipping discounts!) FREE PACKAGING! You can pick up a few sizes at the post office, but if you go on you can order from a much larger selection and have them delivered directly to your door.  FOR FREE. FLAT RATE PADDED ENVELOPE Specifically I love the Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope and the Medium Flat Rate Box. I also love sending my customers little gifts and words of thanks with my packages. Many people know about the thin cardboard Priority Mail Flat Rate Mailing Envelope, but many people don’t know about the special padded version. The Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope can hold up to 70 pounds. It’s 12-1/2” x 9-1/2” but can be gently stretched. It is possible to enclose some nice odd shaped items and even small boxes... read more

Profit-Generating eBay Tips From Lynn Dralle “The Queen of Auctions”

If you’re new to selling on eBay, or have been doing it a while but know you could do it better, you might want to pay a visit to “The Queen.”  Lynn Dralle not only makes good money selling on eBay, but she shares what she’s learned – by teaching classes, publishing an eZine, a book, holding online courses – she even makes herself available for individual consulting.  Talk about a resource! At SnapPost we’re all about making your online selling easy, and that includes introducing you to The Queen!  In her recent eZine she passed on these inspiring profit-making tips: WHEN BUYING ASK FOR THE STORY “Ask every seller of a set (or unique items) where they acquired the pieces, if they know who made it and what is the pattern name (if it isn’t signed).” You can learn a lot, avoid costly mistakes – and having the background or ‘history’ of an item can increase it’s value.    She had aquired a set of 11 glass tumbers for $1 each, and sold them for nearly $110 – because her source told her they were from Pottery Barn – and she included that in her listing.  That was all the value for her buyer and she turned a tidy profit!   THERE’S A BUYER OUT THERE FOR EVERYTHING Lynn shared this story from one of her readers.  This strange looking wooden item was purchased in a lot of other, more obvious things.  She said “ I almost threw this item but know you always say there’s a buyer out there for everything. “   She did a little research and listed... read more

PB&J Anyone? – The Sandwich Generation’s Stuff Problem

You may not know it, but you might be part of the “Sandwich Generation“. In the US, the statistics say that 25% of Americans are between the ages of 35-54. Like peanut butter and jelly we are sandwiched between both our almost adult kids and our downsizing parents and elders. Plus we have to deal with their stuff! How can a lifetime’s worth of possessions from a 3 bedroom house fit into senior housing? What about my  garage? How could my kids have so many toys and outdated electronics left behind as they move on? Do I really want to put it all in storage to deal with later and pay storage bills? Can my garage hold any more? Most Sandwich Generation folks have full time jobs while dealing with this mess. The idea of finding new homes for all this stuff and earning a living at the same time is overwhelming.  In this situation many go the Garage Sale route –  a painful weekend where strangers paw all your relative’s possessions and haggle with you over a quarter.  Overwhelmed, the only other option seems to be cart it off for donation.  But wouldn’t it be nice to match your uncle’s ashtray collection to someone who actually appreciates it?  To find someone who’d wear your Dad’s old golf pants?  And to get a decent price for these things?   What about selling them on eBay? Most people pause at the thought.  Selling all this on eBay seems so hard.  That means filling out all those forms, and there are strategies and things you need to know.  It’s overwhelming to most... read more

SnapPost Video Pick: “How I Make Money On Ebay” by Raiken Profits

                  At SnapPost we’re all about helping you get the most for your stuff online.  And that’s what today’s Video Pick is all about! “HOW I MAKE MONEY ON EBAY” is a 5 minute glimpse on how YouTuber and eBay seller Raiken Profits turns clothing he finds in thrift shops, on discount racks and elsewhere and turns a quick profit reselling them to people who really appreciate them on eBay. Take a look at this week’s  SNAP POST VIDEO PICK:  HOW I MAKE MONEY ON EBAY by Raiken Profit... read more

Why I Created SnapPost

Why I created SnapPost? Because I hate the posting process on eBay! I’ve been an “urban picker” my whole life. I always had an uncanny knack for finding treasures among mountains of trash… By the age of fifteen, I was not only enabling my clients to profit from items they had viewed as worthless, I was also making more money than most teenagers dream of. I developed my talent over the years by studying everything I could get my hands on about the value of used commodities. Then I discovered a little website called AuctionWeb—which enabled me to buy second hand items at thrift stores and garage sales and sell them on the internet. Later, AuctionWeb changed its name to eBay! But the one thing that I always hated about selling on eBay was the posting process. I love buying, and I love researching (learning that old hole-ridden sneakers can sell for thousands) but I dislike filling out the eBay form. Don’t really know why… I think it is kind of like doing your taxes; you can do them, but who wants too? Being the eBay expert in my circle of family and friends, I am always bombarded with texts from people, accompanied by a picture of something, asking me what is it worth? The next question was usually: “can you post it for me?” Half the times I did. That’s when I had my ah-ha moment: “what if posting on eBay was as simple as snapping a picture?” That is how SnapPost was born! I wanted to create an app, that all a seller needed to do was... read more

The 30th Anniversary of First Mac

Early Finds of an eBay treasure hunter- This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Mac. Wow, 30 years! What this means to me, is a reminder of one of my first early sweet discoveries of hidden treasure. Vintage computers used to be abundantly found in thrift stores, yard sales and auctions. Living in Silicon Valley, home of Apple Computer paid off for my early eBay business, big time. As an eBay seller, in the 90’s it was easy to find discarded relics of the early years of the home computer revolution. The first Macintosh computer, of 1984 looked a lot like the other vintage Macs that followed, such as the very popular “Mac Plus”. As an eBay treasure hunter and seller I looked for the subtle differences between the early macs that were out there in thrift stores and hunted for the famed model M0001, that was simply known at the Macintosh or first Mac or the 128K. The first rev had no marking of 128K or 512K. It came in an awesome box with cool graphics and a cool little white plastic molded box that contained the literature and software. Later the macs were also offered with a padded special beige carrying case with a luggage tag that said Apple. Collectors look for these goodies on eBay every day. The computer itself came with software a mac OS and a manual that could run only on the original 128K version of this Mac. There were also upgraded M0001 computers on the market that had the larger disc drive size to run faster software revs.... read more