Profit-Generating eBay Tips From Lynn Dralle “The Queen of Auctions”

queen of auctionsIf you’re new to selling on eBay, or have been doing it a while but know you could do it better, you might want to pay a visit to “The Queen.”  Lynn Dralle not only makes good money selling on eBay, but she shares what she’s learned – by teaching classes, publishing an eZine, a book, holding online courses – she even makes herself available for individual consulting.  Talk about a resource!

At SnapPost we’re all about making your online selling easy, and that includes introducing you to The Queen!  In her recent eZine she passed on these inspiring profit-making tips:

eBay Auction Queen glassesWHEN BUYING ASK FOR THE STORY
Ask every seller of a set (or unique items) where they acquired the pieces, if they know who made it and what is the pattern name (if it isn’t signed).” You can learn a lot, avoid costly mistakes – and having the background or ‘history’ of an item can increase it’s value.    She had aquired a set of 11 glass tumbers for $1 each, and sold them for nearly $110 – because her source told her they were from Pottery Barn – and she included that in her listing.  That was all the value for her buyer and she turned a tidy profit!


Lynn shared this story from one of her readers.  This strange looking wooden item was purchased in a lot of other, more obvious things.  She said “ I almost threw this item but know you always say there’s a buyer out there for everything. “   She did a little research and listed this as “Battle Gettysburg Rotating Wood Tower Bullet Devil Den Ltl Big Rnd Top Tramp Art”  What was almost trash was sold to a Gettysburg collector who recognized it as a “very rare Gettysburg souvenir”  for over$1600!!!


She’s a great resource for information on the ins and outs of selling on eBay.  Here at SnapPost we’re always excited to learn the latest and best ways to make a profit selling stuff online – and Lynn Dralle is full of them!  Visit her webstie for more of her eBay wisdom.

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