PB&J Anyone? – The Sandwich Generation’s Stuff Problem

Sandwich Generation's Stuff ProblemYou may not know it, but you might be part of the “Sandwich Generation“.

In the US, the statistics say that 25% of Americans are between the ages of 35-54. Like peanut butter and jelly we are sandwiched between both our almost adult kids and our downsizing parents and elders. Plus we have to deal with their stuff!

How can a lifetime’s worth of possessions from a 3 bedroom house fit into senior housing? What about my  garage? How could my kids have so many toys and outdated electronics left behind as they move on? Do I really want to put it all in storage to deal with later and pay storage bills? Can my garage hold any more?

Most Sandwich Generation folks have full time jobs while dealing with this mess. The idea of finding new homes for all this stuff and earning a living at the same time is overwhelming.  In this situation many go the Garage Sale route –  a painful weekend where strangers paw all your relative’s possessions and haggle with you over a quarter.  Overwhelmed, the only other option seems to be cart it off for donation.  But wouldn’t it be nice to match your uncle’s ashtray collection to someone who actually appreciates it?  To find someone who’d wear your Dad’s old golf pants?  And to get a decent price for these things?   What about selling them on eBay?

Most people pause at the thought.  Selling all this on eBay seems so hard.  That means filling out all those forms, and there are strategies and things you need to know.  It’s overwhelming to most and so even though they know they can get more for their parent’s garage full of knick-nacks they just get rid of them via donation or yard sale.

But if you find yourself bursting at the seams with your Mom’s treasures or your Aunt’s hat collection, but need some help – some expertise in the eBay process – there’s a new app called SnapPost that may be just what you need.

This new service is being designed with the Sandwich Generation’s Stuff Problem in mind. Imagine simply taking photos with your smartphone and the app creates the ebay listings for you – all those forms, the decisions about categories, keywords, research etc all done for you.  On every item!  Then you simply approve the listing and sell your stuff using your own eBay account.

SnapPost literally will make listing all that stuff a snap. So you can de-stress, de-clutter and get ready to Snap-Post-Sell away your stuff problem.

Coming soon to a smartphone near you.   Sign up HERE to get email updates so you can be one of the first give SnapPost a try!

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