The 30th Anniversary of First Mac

Early Finds of an eBay treasure hunter-

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Mac. Wow, 30 years! What this means to me, is a reminder of one of my first early sweet discoveries of hidden treasure. Vintage computers used to be abundantly found in thrift stores, yard sales and auctions.

Living in Silicon Valley, home of Apple Computer paid off for my early eBay business, big time. As an eBay seller, in the 90’s it was easy to find discarded relics of the early years of the home computer revolution. The first Macintosh computer, of 1984 looked a lot like the other vintage Macs that followed, such as the very popular “Mac Plus”. As an eBay treasure hunter and seller I looked for the subtle differences between the early macs that were out there in thrift stores and hunted for the famed model M0001, that was simply known at the Macintosh or first Mac or the 128K. The first rev had no marking of 128K or 512K. It came in an awesome box with cool graphics and a cool little white plastic molded box that contained the literature and software. Later the macs were also offered with a padded special beige carrying case with a luggage tag that said Apple. Collectors look for these goodies on eBay every day. The computer itself came with software a mac OS and a manual that could run only on the original 128K version of this Mac. There were also upgraded M0001 computers on the market that had the larger disc drive size to run faster software revs.

The first macs, when they were working, booted up with a smile. If they didn’t work, they’d have a sad face.

It was the first commercially successful computer to use a graphical interface. We discovered that there were collectors out there in cyberspace that wanted to get their hands on the very first macs as collectors items. Many of the collectors I met were from Japan. It was so much fun to ship macs to Japan and meet technology collectors the world over.

Vintage tech became our first eBay selling niche. In those early days of eBay, there was a lot less competition with other sellers and we could find so many vintage Apple and Atari treasures. eBay had yet to be discovered by the masses as a selling platform. As eBay’s category system has grown over the years, vintage computing is now recognized.

Sold vintage technology or vintage software? I love selling vintage tech and the community of collectors that connect through eBay.


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