Trash To Cash – Grandma’s Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

The time comes for all of us – when we have to go through a lifetime of stuff in an elder relative’s garage/attic/basement.   You could drive it all to Goodwill, or have a yard sale and haggle with people over a dime.   But what if some of that dusty old junk is actually worth something?   In this Trash To Cash post we take a look at Vintage Christmas Ornaments.

Rising to popularity in America in the 1940’s Shiny-Brite glass Christmas ornaments were the staple of Christmas Trees around the country until the late 1960’s.  Being glass, and perhaps seen as dated by younger generations many of the original Shiny-Brites did not survive – having been discarded or just broken over time.

The classic look of these ornaments has inspired a new generation to decorate vintage and they are now actively sold on eBay.  Individual ornaments can sell for between $5 and $15 and a whole box full  could get you between $30 and $75. Obviously sale prices can vary based on condition, detail, and the rarity of the particular design – but there’s good value in these for sure!  Far better than the 50 cents you’d get at a yard sale.  

If you find a box packed away in grandma’s basement with her other Christmas decorations – your family’s story may be part of the value – when listing your Shiny-Brites be sure to convey what part of the country etc these ornaments have been in – and the years of history they’ve seen.  Give your buyer the nostalgia factor – it can only add to to the value of a collectible like this.

Buyer Beware – If you know the source Since 2001 Christopher Radko has been re-issuing classic Shiny Brite ornaments – so be sure what you have is vintage and not a 21st century reproduction!

Vintage Christmas ornaments on ebayTrash To Cash: Christmas Ornaments

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