General FAQ

What is SnapPost?

SnapPost is a new mobile application that simplifies the posting process on eBay.  We complete the eBay listing form for you.  You Snap the picture, we create the Post!

SnapPost is your virtual assistant that creates the post for you!

How much does it cost to use SnapPost?

SnapPost is free to use. For more information, please see the Pricing FAQ.

How does it work?

The SnapPost app guides you to use your iPhone to snap great photos of your eBay item. From your photos, we identify, research, value and write an optimized title and description, as well as, offer shipping solutions for each item. We also recommend a selling price and a shipping cost. We send you your proposed eBay listing to review. If you like it, you approve and you listing goes live to eBay.

Does SnapPost sell for me?

No, you are the eBay seller. You use your own eBay ID and account to sell. You keep your item in own possession. And you ship the item when it sells.

What about shipping? Does SnapPost ship my items?

No, SnapPost does not ship the item for you.  SnapPost helps you to ship your items yourself. You do the packing and the shipping yourself with our help.

Can I use the SnapPost app to sell anything on eBay?

At this time, SnapPost will allow you to list anything that is permitted by eBay AND that is small enough to fit in one of the Small Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes or the USPS bubble flat rate envelopes. The largest flat rate box is 12 1⁄4″ x 12 1⁄4″ x 6″

Please refer to our terms of service to see prohibited items.

Is the SnapPost app available on all mobile devices?

At this time, SnapPost is available for Apple iPhones running iOS 8 and newer.

SnapPost is not yet available for Android.

What selling format does SnapPost offer on eBay? Can I do auctions?

At this time, SnapPost is providing fixed price style buy it now listings that last for 30 days. If you don’t want your listing to be live for 30 days in fixed price, you are welcome to end your listing and relist it in any format or duration that you would like to list.

If I list an item via SnapPost on eBay, when will my item sell?

Because SnapPost is offering fixed price listings, a buyer may buy your item starting on the very first day you list it for sale. Some items may take longer to sell. The listing will initially be live on eBay for 30 days.

What if my item doesn’t sell after 30 days?

You can relist your item when your listing ends if it hasn’t sold. We usually recommend dropping the price if your item doesn’t sell the first go round.

If my item sells, how soon do I need to pack and ship my item?

SnapPost listings are set up with 3 business days of handling time. So when you receive your payment from your buyer they will expect you to send your package to them within 3 days.


Does that mean that my buyer expects to receive my package in 3 days?

No, if you ship in one of the priority mailers, the buyer will expect to receive the package 2-3 days after the handling time, so a total of about 6 days.


I’ve never sold on eBay before, will I be eligible to sell on eBay via SnapPost?

Absolutely! SnapPost is ideal for new sellers. You will need to create an eBay seller account. A seller account on eBay allows you to accept payments and to set up a payment method for paying eBay for selling fees. If you are already a buyer on eBay, setting up a seller account is a simple process of adding a payment method for eBay.

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

eBay’s rates change from time to time, but in most categories figure about 12% of the sale price, which includes PayPal fees. The total fee would be, at the highest, 12.9% (10% eBay, 2.9% PayPal) plus possible eBay insertion fee of $.30 and PayPal transaction fee of $.30. Making total per item of 12.9% + $.60 at the highest. This may vary by category.

How much does PayPal charge to process my funds from buyers?

PayPal has a fee structure based on your sales volume. Most small sellers pay a fee for each transaction is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive.

If my item does not sell after the first week and I want a quick sale, what do I do?

For a quicker sale you may want to revise and lower the price of your item. SnapPost usually recommends an average price.

Can I sell internationally via SnapPost?

No, at this time, when you sell via SnapPost the listings are for domestic US sale only.


If I want to make a change to my eBay listing after it has already been posted by SnapPost, can I change my listing? What do I do?

Absolutely! You can change the title, the copy, the category, shorten the item duration, change the item specifics and the change the price of your listing at any time before a sale. You can log into your eBay listing and revise it directly on eBay. The item duration can not be lengthened or changed to GTC (Good till Cancelled).


What if I am selling a book? Can I ship via Media Mail or Book Rate?

Yes, you can ship a book via Media Mail, however you will have to use an ordinary non priority mail box. SnapPost recommends standard rate for categories where eBay has enforced shipping prices. Sometimes Priority Mail is more expensive in these categories.


How do I get the boxes and Priority Mail Flat Rate Bubble Envelope to ship my items?

You can get free Priority mail boxes at any post office but some Post Offices don’t stock all the free sizes and types of boxes. You can order free Priority Mail packaging on  at


What if my item sells right away and I don’t have boxes?

The US Postal Service provides free priority mail boxes at These free boxes are also available at your local post office. Often the boxes are in US Post Office lobbies which are open longer hours. So if you have not yet received the free boxes, please go to the post office to get a box.


You can ship your item in any box, but you will have to weigh your item and change your shipping label, as you need a flat rate Priority Mail box to get the flat rate deal.


What if I can’t get to the Post Office to mail my boxes?

You can print a Priority Mail label at home and leave your Priority Mail package out for your postal carrier pickup.


Can I ship with UPS or FedEx?

Absolutely! Most customers will expect you to ship at the same shipping speed that is specified your listing. SnapPost may recommend Priority Mail speed in your listing, so if you do not revise the listing plan to use a similar 3 day service with the carrier of your choice. Please make sure this is OK with your customer. Some customers supply a PO box or are unable to receive shipment from other carriers.

We recommend that if you want to use UPS or FedEX you revise your listing on eBay to state your shipper.  Many sellers that want to use UPS or FedEx revise their eBay listing to state their shipping carrier in the listing. This way your buyer will know what to expect.

Some of our listings recommend standard shipping which is an average cost to ship for a similar item.

What if I need to go out of town for a few days while my listing is on eBay?

If you may be unable to ship your item within the 3 days of handling time, we recommend going onto eBay and ending your listing early. You can always relist your item.

The link to end your listing is:

When I sell something on eBay with SnapPost, what return policy is offered to my buyer?

All SnapPost listings offer buyers a 14 day right of return. Buyers feel more comfortable making purchases if they know that they can return items if they are not happy.


What if I want to change my handling time, return policy or shipping box or speed type?

Until your item sells, as a seller, you can go to eBay and change everything except lengthen the item duration. To make changes, you must log in with your eBay ID and then you can change the listing preset parameters including the words and photos in your listing. If you are a reseller you can add sales tax. If you want to ship with FedEx you can change the shipping carrier. If you want to offer an item with no returns, you can do that too! Once you approve your listing and it posts to eBay, you can continue to change it yourself on eBay, using the eBay “Revise Your Item” link that you see on your live listing.

How do you recommend that I pack and ship my item?

For fragile items we recommend that you use 2-3” of cushioning, for example clean recycled paper or some sort of padding like bubble wrap. For non fragile items, you may want to put some minimal protection in the box to keep the item from moving around,  put the item inside the box, seal the box, print / affix the label and mail!

Does it cost me money to ship my item?

The buyer should have already sent you the money to pay for the shipping label. You will use this money to pay for your label. The costs will either come out of your PayPal account, if you make your label on-line or you will have to pay at the Post Office, if you would rather have the Post Office make your label.

Is it cheaper for me to make my own shipping label on my computer than it is at the Post Office?

Yes, it is less expensive if you make your own shipping label.

What if I want to sell internationally?

No problem!  All you do is go to your item on eBay (you must be logged in), click Revise My Item on the top panel. In the Revise My Item page scroll down to International Shipping and checkUse the Global Shipping Program.  You don’t have to change anything else!  If the item sells internationally, you will be notified by eBay when to ship.  Ebay will provide an address within the USA.  So, the shipping costs are the same.  eBay’s shipping partners will then ship it to your buyer in the foreign country.

What if I have never bought or sold on eBay before?

Here is the link to register on eBay:

Is there a limit to the number of items that I can list via SnapPost on eBay?

For a limited time, there are no limits to the number of items that you can sell on eBay via SnapPost. The number of items that you can post may be restricted in the future, so this is a great opportunity to try SnapPost!

Please note that eBay sometimes puts restrictions on how many items a new seller can sell.  If eBay does this, call their customer support at 1(866) 540-3229 and ask them to remove your restrictions.  This often works!

What if my item doesn’t fit inside one of the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes? 

If your listing specifies a Priority Mail flat rate box, but your item doesn’t fit well inside the box, you can pack and ship in any box of your choice. You will need to weigh your packed box with your item and revise your label before you print it. For light items, sometimes the flat rate boxes are more expensive, so occasionally, using another box will save you money. You can ship Priority Mail in any plain box, however the price to ship will be based on the weight and distance the item is being shipped. The buyer will be paying you the rate for the flat rate box. It may be possible that you will have to absorb any cost difference for your item or you may save money if your item is light.

How do I make my shipping label? 

When your item sells, you will get an email that Your eBay item sold!

That letter will contain a graphic link that looks like this:  

A similar icon will also appear on your sold item on eBay.

If you are planning to ship an item in one of the flat rate Priority Mailers, simply click on the link if you want to make and print your own shipping label.

The cost of the postage will come out of your PayPal account.

How do I make my label myself if I am shipping a book or media item that is not shipping in a Flat Rate Priority Mailer?

If you are planning to ship an item that is not shipping in a Priority Mail flat rate box or envelope and requires weighing, you can click the to get to the label making page. You will then need to change the parameters on the page before printing the label. In the Package Details section, be sure to select the correct Shipping Service from the drop down menu. If you are shipping a book or media, select Media Mail and update the correct weight and dimensions of your package. SnapPost has provided an estimate for your item that may need updating depending upon how you pack your item. You may need a scale to determine the weight. If you do not have the means to weigh your item, we recommend taking your item to the Post Office for mailing. Media Mail is usually slower and more economical than Priority Mail. If you decide to ship media in a Flat Rate mailer you may need to absorb the additional cost to ship.

How do I learn more about making eBay shipping labels?

We recommend reviewing this eBay page with more information about making shipping labels. This page provides some tips about printing labels with your iPhone too!