Suzanne Wouk

This Is My Story

I’ve been an “urban picker” my whole life.  I always had an uncanny knack for finding treasures among mountains of trash… By the age of fifteen, I was not only enabling my clients to profit from items they had viewed as worthless, I was also making more money than most teenagers dream of. I developed my talent over the years by studying everything I could get my hands on about the value of used commodities.

Then I discovered a little website called AuctionWeb—which enabled me to buy second hand items at thrift stores and garage sales and sell them on the internet.  Later, AuctionWeb changed its name to eBay!

But the one thing that I always hated about selling on eBay was the posting process.  I love buying, and I love researching (learning that old hole-ridden sneakers can sell for thousands) but I dislike filling out the eBay form.  Don’t really know why… I think it is kind of like doing your taxes; you can do them, but who wants too?

Being the eBay expert in my circle of family and friends, I am always bombarded with texts from people, accompanied by a picture of something, asking me what is it worth?  The next question was usually: “can you post it for me?”  Half the times I did.  That’s when I had my ah-ha moment:  “what if posting on eBay was as simple as snapping a picture?” That is how SnapPost was born!

I wanted to create an app, that all a seller needed to do was just snap a picture, and that’s it…. They are done!  Everything else is done for them:  The research, the pricing, the category placement, the most profitable keywords for the title and how much to charge for shipping.   I wanted it to be so easy that you never even needed to use your thumbs to type (hate typing on the smartphone).

Living a stones’ throw from Silicon Valley, I applied to a tech incubator called The Founder Institute (  I got accepted and developed this idea with them.  But also, with the help of an amazing tech community in Santa Cruz, CA (like, now we live and in the App Store!

Suzanne Wouk
SnapPost Founder