Our Team

Christian Sepulveda


Christian was previously one of five partners who built Pivotal Labs from 20 developers to 2,000 developers. As VP Corporate Development, Christian negotiated the sale of Pivotal Labs to EMC and stayed through the sale and transition.
Christian has spent more than 20 years building customer centric products for early stage Silicon Valley tech companies and later stage clients.

As one of the early pioneers and evangelists of the Agile movement, he has led more than 100 software projects in consumer web, fashion, manufacturing, networking, operations and retail. He has delivered mobile, very large scale web and desktop applications, working with companies such as Groupon, GNIP, IDEO, Salesforce.com, Task Rabbit, Twitter & TrueCar.

While at Pivotal, Christian devised growth and expansion strategies, open source software policies and helped lead partnerships and new commercial efforts, including the launch of Pivotal Tracker. Post-acquisition, he helped establish the Cloud Foundry Foundation and built the global Cloud Operations Group, that runs the public and private clouds/PaaS for Pivotal and many of its customers.

Prior to Pivotal, Christian was VP Engineering at Bessemer Venture Partner funded Nominum, the world leading provider of DNS Software for Telcos and Service Providers.

Christian has a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Suzanne Wouk

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Suzanne Wouk has been an eBay seller since 1997 (when it was called AuctionWeb!). Frustrated with the time-consuming eBay posting process, Suzanne tried every new tool and service that offered a solution to the delays and complexities of posting. Since none were good enough, she decided to fix the problem herself and enrolled in the Silicon Valley incubator program, The Founder Institute, where she launched SnapPost.

Although born in the USA, Suzanne grew up in the Middle East and served as a non-commissioned officer in the Israeli Navy. Later, during her studies at UCLA, she worked as an actress in various Hollywood films and TV shows.

But, marketing and entrepreneurship are her true calling. In the late 90’s, she was one of the first “internet marketers,” teaching Affiliate and Search Marketing to help nonprofits raise money through her website FundraisingMom.com.

She is on the Board of Directors of a few nonprofits including the hospice support network and RahaKudo.

Laura Greenfield

Director of Customer Success

Laura Greenfield has been an eBay entrepreneur for 18+ years. She has worked as an eBay consignment seller writing thousands of successful eBay listings for her clients. One of her eBay stores benefits Merit Partners, a non-profit that operates a work training facility inside of the California Youth Authority in Stockton. She and her husband previously ran an eBay drop-off store where community members brought items to sell. Laura has also worked at eBay, managing photo acquisition content for the eBay catalog team.

In her pre-eBay years, Laura was active in independent TV production, including positions at PBS stations. She founded local cable access TV channels in Santa Cruz and Santa Monica, CA. She was a frequent speaker at national and regional media access conferences. She was recognized with many industry awards including an LA Area Emmy Award.

Laura has a BA in Theatre Arts from SUNY Fredonia, NY and an MA in Communication/Film/Theatre from the Ohio State University, Columbus,Ohio.

When she’s not glued to her computer she has a passion for travel and musical theatre.

Jason Schock

Lead Software Engineer

Jason is an experienced developer with expertise in front-end and UX design. He’s been developing web applications since 1999. As a college student, he created a web publishing platform in the pre-blog era to launch one of the first online daily college newspapers.

Jason went on to design and develop early SEM applications at Fastclick, an Internet advertising startup, through their 2005 IPO and eventual acquisition by ValueClick Media (now Conversant). He honed his skills in agile development at Savings.com, where he was selected to lead a company-wide pivot preceding their acquisition by Cox Media Group in 2011.

As a consultant, Jason has worked for a range of startups, including renowned Los Angeles think tank, Applied Minds. He was an early adopter of Ruby on Rails, and his additional background in psychology, design, and photography give him a rounded skill set uniquely tailored to fast-moving startup environments.

When not working on SnapPost, Jason enjoys the challenge of racing $500 cars in the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance series.

Christine Jensen


Christine has been a corporate controller for early stage Silicon Valley companies for almost two decades. Prior to SnapPost her main client was Slack Technologies. Christine is an experienced finance professional who can partner with senior leadership to tackle tough business issues, develop innovative and sound strategies, and successfully lead their implementation. Christine has frequently demonstrated success at pre IPO systems design and implementation, streamlining costs, and creating efficiencies. Expertise in financial reporting, board presentations, planning and analysis, cash flow, mergers and acquisitions, policies and procedures, and managing tax and audit functions (years of tax/audit experience).